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thinking of something, saying something else

At first I laughted at these mistakes but it's been a while thai I recognize it's getting serious. The problem is I think of something, but I say or type something else instead. For example I was looking at a phrase which includes "die,die" while talking to a friend and I said "notebook,notebook" instead of  "notebook". Or once I was chatting with a friend and instead of typing "two thousand" I used "that thousand"!!! Is it something serious or some kind of disorders?  Should I use any specific medications for that or is it just normal?
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Funny thing but I experienced the very same thing.  As it turned out, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease soon after more symptoms showed up. After 15 years of treatment, I have never experienced That brain mal-function again.  Be alert to your body as what we did experience was a symptom of something brewing.  Take care and hope you just have a lot on your mind.  ❤
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Thanks a lot
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Have you been overdoing things, having too many things to think about that need doing?

Our brain does slow down from time to time and the ageing process can bring on memory problems.

If you are tired and not well rested, feeling anxious or stressed, suffer from depression, have an illness or under the weather, are worried about anything or are on some medications, all these things can make our brains not function to its full capacity.

Dehydration can also cause problems.

I know what you mean though, I have the same problem, have had it for a while.  It can be laughed off when you speak with someone who knows you, but can be embarrassing when you come out with the wrong word when speaking to strangers.  Worse when you can't remember what you have said.

I mentioned it to my doctor last week, about, getting things wrong, typing words wrongly and missing out words and saying something different to what I am thinking or forgetting what I want to say.  -  He wasn't bothered at all.

I know I am much worse when I am very tired and in a lot of pain.

I do know that Vitamin B12 is good for the memory and that older people who suffer from dementia are commonly lacking in that vitamin.

Best wishes.

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