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toes hurt first and now spreading to other bones

My husband is undiagnosed and has the following symptoms:
Pain in toes (moans in sleep) - seems to be spreading to hands, elbows and calves. Feels like burning, needles- feels like neuropathy symptoms...
Anxious and irritable, can't sleep and crashes for 12 hours after not sleeping more than 4 hours each night.
Muscle wasting
Weight loss - 15lbs in last 6 months
Blood tests results:
HIGH Trigycerides - 800  
HIGH MCHC - 37.2 (normal range 32.0 - 36.0)  erythrocytopenia?
HIGH NE# - 6.9 (normal 2.2 to 4.8) - I assume this is neutrophils? white blood cells?
ANA is negative (35)
Jak2 is negative
GFR 95.7
AChR - negative
Erythropoietin 14.8 (range 4.2-27.8)
Creatine Kinase  50 (range 24-204)
Uric Acid 5.0 - normal
B12 341 pg/ml - normal
All other tests - CBC-ADVIA, Manual Differential and CMP all within normal ranges.
HIGH TESTS ARE: MCHC and NE# and triglycerides  (see above)
He does not have Apnea
Tests so far have been:
treadmill -result - took 35 minutes to get his heart rate up - stamina is good
ct scan - chest - normal
mri - head - normal
chest xray, ultrasound and heart monitor- normal
nerve conductive studies... upper and lower - normal
About 15 years ago he had about 4 Gran Mal seizures. He was drinking alot of equal (the blue) sugar substitute. His sister read that they don't let pilots drink it because it does something to your brain, so he stopped and has not had one since.  
Anyone have any suggestions???... we have been to an Oncologist, a heart specialist, an internist, and a neurologist.  He doesn't feel good, wants to stay home, and isn't motivated to do anything but work because he thinks he is dying and wants to finish his work... sounds like Mozart, he is a lot like DiVinci - he is 48, 1/2 Asian and 1/2 Italian. He is wasting and has pain.  
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