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tonsils with white spots EVERYWHERE

hi. im 16 years old and i have a problem.
ok so six days ago i had oral sex for the first time with a guy i didn't know much about (sexual background i mean). he didn't wear a condom, but didn't ejaculate in my mouth either.
Three days later i develop a sore throat, and odd taste in the back of my mouth. And yesterday i discoverd ALOT of little white patches on both of my tounsils (more on the right one though). I know it is not food, because i've had that problem before, and was able to pick the pieces out of small crevices near my tounsils. This time the patches seem to be connected to the actual tounsil, and won't budge when i scrape it. I've also noticed red spots too near some white ones, and i have swollen lempnodes on my neck. I don't have a fever, but it hurts a bit when i swallow. i would love to go to the doctor and figure out whats going on, but as you can probably guess, i dont really want to tell my parents, if my condition was caused by the oral sex. PLEASE help me. i am very worried.
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The while spots with sore throat and an odd taste can be a viral infection and HPV and herpes should be thought of. The other possibility is a fungal infection. It could also be not connected to oral sex and could just be a vial or bacterial upper respiratory infection. You can take an OTC antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic and see if it helps. If it does not you can consult your PCP and take him in your confidence. You need to be treated, the earlier the better.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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The white spots you have identified are a sign of  acute tonsilitis and the enlargement of the lymph nodes in you neck are a resonse ti the infection. You should see you physician.
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sounds like you picked up thrush to me. honey and live yogurt may help. dont worry about telling them how you got it, its like a yeast infection, but in your mouth. steer clear of skanky guys next time.
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well, i don't think its from the oral sex you had, but for future references insist on your partner to wear a condom ...you always want safety first....but what you describe  sounds to me like you have strep throat...all the symptoms are there. the sore throat the swollen lymph glands the white coating on your tonsils. Usually this will subside within a week or so...if it should last longer or get worst then that then you should go and see a doctor.

hope this helped...take care and i hope you'll feel better soon.
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