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top of foot pain

I'm a runner and recently got a pain on top of foot, as if my laces were too tight 9they may have been!) recently been doing a lot of off road running on uneven hard surface. it seems to be in the Extensor Hallucis Brevis area and there is a squashy lump the size of a smallish coin in that area, which isn't really painful to touch. If I loosen my laces in that area I can walk and do a bit of running without too much discomfort. But should I continue to rest until the lump has gone, or carry on running?
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This could be a frictional injury due to tight laces making the shoes rub against the skin. Once this heals, and you will need to give your foot some rest, you should be fine. Maybe in the long run you will either have to change the shoes, or wear a padding below the laces.
The other possibility is an infection. It can also be a nerve compression or a tendon injury.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral, preferably to a sports medicine specialist.
Take care!
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u shuld stop running until ur lump has gone otherwise it will become bad and it will cause pain.....and go to a doctor and take sum medicines
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u can ask me on twitter too and medhelp both,my twitter id is sid850
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Walk or stroll first then when you are healthy enough run.
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Went to see my physio who diagnosed as Tenosynovitis. Taking NSAID and staying away from downhill running for a bit as that's where I feel most discomfort
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