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toxic black mold

Does anyone has/had  a problem  with toxic black mold? I worked in a H.School, my classroom was full of black mold and was never 'cleaned' properly. Since then I have a lot of lung problems. Any one know anything or treatment for it?
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Black mold can be very toxic indeed. There is more than one variety, and a specialist is needed to determine the specific type. Generally ammonia will destroy this kind of mold. I know people recommend other liquids, but ammonia is the way to go. Before using the ammonia the room should be "dewatered" with use of one of more dehumidifiers. These molds like moist places. In the case of a school, professional help is advised, but in a bathroom use a spray bottle with 100% ammonia, go in, hold your breath and spray a three foot by three foot area.  You should practice this. The idea is NOT to inhale any of the fumes. NEVER EVER USE AMMONIA AND BLEACH! NEVER! Mixed together they form a poisonous gas. Then leave the house to take care of errands. In an hour or two come back and do another three foot by three foot portion, and again leave the house. Keep the bathroom window open. When the entire bathroom is done, wash down the walls thoroughly. It may take you several days to work your way through the bathroom. Keep the dehumidier on. And the windows open.  You can use a sponge mop on the walls. You may have to do this twice. Use the ammonia on all areas, including those not showing mold. I recommend you re-paint with semi-gloss in all instances.
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Your history is quite suggestive of the fact that you have toxic black mold related lung problem. However you must confirm this by simple blood tests which detect the toxins in blood. The next step would be treatment, which is usually aimed at removing the toxins from the body. Left untreated the toxic black mold syndrome can affect other systems too. Do consult your doctor.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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