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unable to get foot pain diagnosed

For a year now I have had a pain in my foot, there is a fair size bulge on the inside of my foot close to the heel. Also the veins bulge from the side to the bottom of my foot at times. This all occured a year ago when I was walking in heels and slipped on uneven pavement and twisted my ankle. was x-rayed and nothing broken. Frustrated, as I am now on pills again to try to bring down the inflammation. Thank you for any comments or help.
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An x-ray won't do the job.

You need to have an MRI of the foot.

There is no reason for there to be inflammation a year after an accident.

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please go to see a diabeted foot doctor, right away. usually they give u a shot in the spot, for 3 to 4 weeks.
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Ankle pain can be due to several reasons depending on the site. The simplest reason of a generalized ankle pain is sprain—like in wearing high heels, twisting your ankle etc. Since there is swelling on inner side this is where ligament tear could have happened. This cannot be caught on X-ray as Caregiver said. You need a MRI or clinical examination by an orthopedic doctor. Usually boot plaster is applied for 2-3 weeks to immobilize the ankle and give time to heal. Pain on the inner side of the ankle at the attachment of tibialis posterior muscle too can cause pain when the tendon of this muscle is inflamed.
Impingement of the ankle joint between the bones of ankle and foot is another possibility. The clue to right treatment is right diagnosis of the cause of pain.  You can consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!
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Hi Fritter,
I am a podiatrist. I am curious to know if the bump is more on the side of your heel or under the bottom of the foot. I agree an MRI would be very helpful in diagnosing this condition.
If the pain is more on the inside of the heel it could very well be a severe ankle sprain with torn ligaments, a sprained or torn posterior tibial tendon as previously mentioned. Does this pain ever radiate down to the bottom of your foot or toes? If so there could be swelling around a major nerve in this area.
If there is a lump on the bottom of your foot this could be a condition called plantar fibroma. This is very often related to trauma.
Either way, you should be evaluated by a podiatrist for further examination and treatment.
I hope this has been helpful for you.

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