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I have a lot of diffrent illnesses such as fibramalagia arthritis under active thyroid, a degenarative spine, siatica and ibs. I have had kidney stones. I about every 6 weeks i get a severe pain going from back to front of my  left   rib cage,it hurts when i breath.The last bout i had i could,nt move my left arm as it hurt to do so. The pain lasted two hours or more and i felt really ill for the rest of the day.the other night i got up and had a load of acidy sick in my mouth,i have also put on a stone in weight and look like i'm pregnant, but thats impossible as i had a hysterectomy 14 yearsago.I am also going through the change. Please help.
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Did you consider the possibility of GERD ( Gastroesophageal reflux disease ) ?
Your complaints sure sound like GERD.
You should see a gastroenterologyst.
GERD, ulcer and gastritis are possible causes.
One is clear in my opinion - stomach problem!
See a doctor, make the needed examination, take according actions.

The reason why your pain lasts around 2 hours is that this is the common time needed for the stomach to pass it's contents further.

Till you see your doctor you can avoid tomato based foods, no coke, no juices - just watter and tee, avoid smoking, too much coffee, exclude bread and dry rice.
Try to eat more boiled foods, eat at least 2 hours before bedtime.
Try to sleep in a position where the torso is elevated.

If i was you, i'd be going directly to my doctor with the info i just handed you.
For ease of pain  you can use for example a product called TALCID,
if you have no access to this type of drug, a tee spoon of baking soda solved in watter should do the trick but is harmful to you - so keep it like a last resort.

Please see a doctor, such issues are most commonly treated as follows.
Medication to ease the symptoms, change of life style and food habits, sometimes surgery.

BR: Sash83 at the Open Consult Portal EU

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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
The symptoms are due to a combination of all the medical diseases you are having. If the thyroid slows so does the gut. Gas accumulates and along with IBS, there can be acidity and reflux. Pinched nerves, low Vit D, fibromyalgia, low Vit B12 (commonly seen in IBS) can further aggravate existing conditions.
You need to consult an endocrine specialist and a gastroenterologist and find a balanced treatment to keep all problems at bay. At present the IBS and gastric reflux could be the most aggravated. Special diet precaution needs to be taken along with omeprazole and antacids for reflux. Take care!
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Many of your symptoms I have also had to deal with.  I have recently been to a Fibro & Fatigue Clinic in Seattle, Wa.  and I live in Canada.  So you can tell that I was desperate for getting some answers to my health issues.  I too have low thyroid and since seeing the doctor in  Seattle he has been able to say that I am Thyroid Hormone Resistant and that my Fibromyalgia is the cause of all the weird symptoms.  I too have gone from doctor to doctor getting all these diagnoses saying that I had Gerd, IBS, Thyroid problems, then it went to my heart and saw a heart specialist and also needed to see a gynecologist and he found a cyst on my left ovary, so then I needed surgery to have a complete hysterectomy.  I had already had a partial hysterectomy at 27 after having 3 C sections so now I was cut in the abdominal area again cause he couldn't get through all the old scar tissue.  This did not resolve my problem, the doctor even said this before the surgery, that I would not feel any better, however I had to have this done so it would not become cancer.
Since going to Dr. V  he has started me on energy injections, which help the body to rebuild the mitochondria, so we are dealing with the cells cause they don't function properly.  These injections have B12, Glutathione and NADH which I have to draw up into asyringe and inject into the muscle 3 times a week.  So far so good and now he has sent me medication to address all the other deficiencies that he has found with all the blood work that I had done when I was there Feb 22, 2011.  Because I live in Canada he is able to do phone appts. with me so I talked with him March 15, 2011 and got all the results for the lab tests.  I've only just begun however yesterday I finally had some decent amout of energy.    I still have pain in my buttocks and also I had sciatica and my Ceragem bed had helped me with this problem.  I too have a degenerative spine cause of the surgeries that were done on me in my early years.  I had a laminectomy before I was 20 and at that age they said that my spine looked like a 50 year old.  Well now I'm 53 going to be 54 in June and still having to figure out what this body of mine is doing.  I am glad I now have the help of this team at the Fibro & Fatigue Center.  Dr. V.  has added a sustained release T3 medication to my Thyroid as last year I saw an Endo and basically got nowhere, so that's why I decided to go outside the country to get help.  My family doctor said that he didn't know what to do for Lyme or Fibromyalgia and we have no doctors to help here in Canada for these diseases.  By the way if you have Fibromyalgia, chances are Lyme is present and until the body is strong enough to attack the infections this doctor is helping to build up my system so that we can attack at least the Candida that he has found.  If you want to ask me more, don't hesitate to email me about this.
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I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling very well the last 3 days and my energy level compared to what it was has soared.  I'm so pleased cause I was able to take my dogs on their walks to the park where I used to and climb the stairs up and down a couple of times.  Yesterday I did the stairs three times up and down.  This is also helping to give me more energy.  The doctor from Seattle has started me on T3 sustained release as well as Cortisol 2x @day, morning and after lunch and also Progesterone capsules and Estrogen Cream.  This combination has done for me what no other doctor has been able to accomplish.  Feb. 22, 2011 was the date of my starting to get my life back by going to this Fibro and Fatigue Clinic in Bellevue Wa.  I'm so glad I went there.  
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