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I have had problems for the past three years. I have been to see so many different kinds of doctors for answers. Had an episode of Panniculitis or Eyrithema nodesum. The pathologist said Panniculitis, but the doctors say Eyrithema. Had the first episode after running a fever for tens days of 102. The next time happened without any fever. I have had a reoccurring low grade fever for years that run around 99 it happens about every other month or about every third month. The duration time for fever is different every time.When the fever comes on I feel fatigue, nausea, and weak. The blood tests show normal results in platelet count. I recently had a lump the size of a quarter on the right back side of neck and a small one on the left front side of neck which did not stay long. It was very tender to touch and hurt to look to the right. Cat scan was normal. The fever has come back and have had it for about five days now. No vomiting, only pain, in in the lower right abdomen and is mild for the past three days. I feel worse when I eat and with activity. I am really tired of having this issue and no answers. Sick of going to the doctors, my doctor said to start keeping a record of daily temps and other stuff. Any suggestions???????
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Wikipedia lists potential causes of Panniculitis.

Panniculitis can also be classified based on the presence or absence of systemic symptoms:
Panniculitis without systemic disease can be a result of trauma or cold;[5]
Panniculitis with systemic disease can be caused...
by connective tissue disorders such as lupus erythematosus or scleroderma;
by lymphoproliferative disease such as lymphoma or histiocytosis;
by pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer;
by sarcoidosis with cutaneous involvement (seen in up to 20 percent)
and by many other causes.

And lists causes of erythema nodosum

In about 30-50% of cases, the cause of EN is unknown. EN may be associated with a wide variety of diseases, including infections (e.g., hepatitis C, tuberculosis, streptococcal, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Yersinia, and Epstein-Barr virus), Coccidioides immitis, sarcoidosis, autoimmune disorders (e.g., inflammatory bowel disease or Behçet's disease), pregnancy, medications (sulfonamides, oral contraceptives, bromides), vaccinations, and cancer. EN may also be due to excessive antibody production in lepromatous leprosy leading to deposition of immune complexes. There is an association with the HLA-B27 histocompatibility antigen, which is present in 65% of patients with erythema nodosum.

Lyme Disease is another infection that can cause erythema nodosum.

Has your doctor discussed any of these possibilities with you or tested you for any of them?
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I think you need to be tested for Celiac disease.  It can cause erythema nodosum, and a lot more serious problems if you don't eat right.  
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They did test for lupus, it was the first thing they tested for after the first episode. I was sent to a Rheumatologist which ran a bunch of blood work. He said that there was nothing that was concerning in the blood work. The last blood work I had recently about a week ago showed that there was inflammation in my body somewhere. The doctor said that it did not warrant any further investigation because the levels were not high enough. She said that this can be caused by many things like arthritis. I was in Iraq for a year and am starting to wonder if I that may have something to do with why I feel the way I do. The problem with that is I have been out of the military since 2004. I served during the combat operations, the only issue that arise over there was the dysfunctional bleeding problem that the doctors could not get under control and resulted in a hysterectomy when I got back to the states.  
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I looked over the symptoms for this disorder after you suggested that it may be my problem. The GI doctor I have removed some colon polyps, there were three small ones. When he did the endoscopy I had some stomach erosion and in the esophagus. He was very thorough with his testing. I do not have symptoms that match with Celiac, I do not have issues with weight loss.I gain weight easily and my body holds on to it. This is most likely due to some minor thyroid dysfunction. I have had some low readings in the past for thyroid function. This does run in the family and a lot of my family does have issues with their thyroid. Maybe this could be where all these problems are coming from and I should revisit that doctor. Thank you for your reply I appreciate it.
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