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unexplained symptoms and false diagnosis

Hi,I am a 29 year old male who's been having symptoms for a month and a half.Nov.20th I've had headaches,nausea,swollen glands in neck,sore throat,bad breath,eye pains,bloating and gas with no appetite.No fevers or rashes.I went to the emergency room and was diagnosed wth mono. A throat culture ruled out a bacteria infection.The blood test for mono came back negative.Since then I've loss almost ten pounds.I have headaches,stomach pains,constipation,recurrent sore throats,bad breath,bad taste,eye pains,ear pains,coldness in hands and feet,joint pains,fatigue,weakness,gas,belching,canker sores,dry itchy scalp,dry skin,forgetfulness and poor concentration.I've took all types of blood test.I took a hiv test,both antibody and pcr,mononucleosis,thyroid test,test for my liver and diabetes.all test were negative.Though I was repeatedly told that my WBC was low for the past three years.I was told there was no concern for it.I feel like my life is over even though I am still breathing.Is their anyone out in this nice,loving but cruel world that can help a person that is from the nice and loving part of this world. THANK YOU!!!!!
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Hi have you tried and endocrinologist.  They will most likely look into everthing.  It might be a good place to start.

Wish you well...
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How is your fatigue level?
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I have many of the symptoms that you mention as well.  I also have tested negative on many many runs of blood tests,and other tests as well.

The one blood test that I did test high on was my RF (Rheumatoid factor), which is a possible indication of an autoimmune problem.  Did you get that one?

Many of your symptoms fit in with Sjogren's disease, which I understand can cause much more problems than just dry eyes and mouth.
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I have chronic fatigue syndrome and to be honest with you, I hate that name. Physicians' are fighting to change the name because it does not do this disease and the people who have this disease justice. All of your symptoms could be associated with CFS. >> check out: http://www.cfids.org/sparkcfs/press-conference.asp In addition, I have had all of your symptoms. For a list of symptoms of CFS, please go to google.com and type in "symptoms CFS + Dr. David Bell"

You need to be checked for thyroid problems, lyme disease and other labs that will rule out rhematoid arthritis, tissue connective disease, lupus, Sjogren's, celiac disease and others. You should also have a protein electropheresis drawn, cortisol levels drawn, ANA level and a copper level drawn. In addition, an MRI of your brain should be performed and you should have an EKG. If you do have CFS, please note that it does take awhile to be diagnosed sometimes. I would contact your physician today and make sure he/she performs all of the necessary labwork and diagnostic tests to rule out other possible diseases.

If you see an Endocrinologist, which is a good idea, I would make sure that it is an Endocrinologist who is familiar with CFS. CFS is a real, disabling disease. Don't let the name fool you and 80% of people with CFS have yet to be diagnosed. It is very important to get diagnosed and treated right away. There is also a new test that can make the diagnosis... http://www.redlabsusa.com

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Thank you all for the information.I will do what I have to first thing tomorrow morning.I will keep you posted.It's good to know there are good people in the world.
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Good luck and please let us know what happens. Just start a new post and especially if you have CFS. There are some new therapies out for CFS.

Take Care !
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You have every symptom that I had before being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I am also having tests run for other autoimmune illnesses, as mentioned above.

Good luck.
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I read the post about Crohn's diseaes and thought I would mention that there is a new research treatment that has saved lives and some of the members' on this treatment have had Crohn's disease, lyme disease, sarcoidosis & CFS.

If any of you are interested, check out there website. Go to google.com and type in "Marshall Protocol" - there is tons of information on there and it is an option that we all didn't have only a couple of years ago. They have success stories from their patients/members written on there as well. I know it is helping me, but I just began a few months ago.

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Hi,I just came from seeing my doctor.They are a little concerned about my low white blood cells.The first thing they keep asking me is did I take an HIV test.In October the WBC count was 3.2,but when I went back today they said it dropped to 2.8.I was so concerned about how I felt I had three hiv test done in 2months,not including the one I took today which was negative.I'm still feeling ill.I did more blood work today.They are going to test for an autoammune diseases,thyroid problems and an rpr for syphylis.My old primary doctor been telling me my WBC cells have been a little low for the past three years.Can anybody tell me anything about my low WBC.Is it still possible for me to have HIV.Someone please help.
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A decreased WBC can indicate a bacterial infection, any overwhelming infection, viral infections, immunosuppression, bone marrow suppression, infiltration, disease and anemias.

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Since you've taken an HIV test, at least two times, I think it is more than likely something else other than HIV. You didn't mention that you had night sweats either. And you said that your WBC has always been on the low side.

Your physicians' really need to check you and rule out all of those other possible conditions I listed, excluding the Celiac Disease.

Start a new post when they diagnose you and let us know what is going on... okay? Good luck !
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My daughter started having strange symptoms at age 16. She was extremely tired, personality change, depression, pain in hands and feet, nausea (ended up in ER from uncontrolled vomiting) , could not finish school, got pnuemonia and then started having wierd craving for salt...like eating rock salt,by the box!
Anyway, she had test after test and they said everything was ok. But I persisted and she finally went to an Endo. he did a battery of test and found out she had almost NO IRON and I mean NO iron. She also had B12 under 100. Anyway, she now get (IV) infusions of iron at least twice a year and B12 shots and all her symptoms have gone away. Good luck!
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