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upper right stomach pain

For the last 2 weeks I've been having at the right stomach pains That travel to my back and hip Burning pain in my back to have more pain in upper right I been having diarrhea for the last week really yellow went to the er the get a cat scan to check my kidneys to make sure I don't have gallbladder stones and did blood work everything came out fine but they found it to centimeter cyst on my ovary I still was not satisfied with the results I went to a different e r they did another cat scan and blood work and a pap smear the bloodwork came out good the cat scan showed no cyst on my ovary I showed that I was backed up full of poop and I got a call from the er on my pap smear results I came out positive 4 strepococcal and then got put on antibiotics I've been googling my symptoms and I'm very scared I think I have pancreatic cancer what should I do please help
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Was your CT scan just of the pelvis or did it include the abdomen?  If the abdomen was included, the pancreas would be included and would show a tumor or cyst.  You could be having problems with the gall bladder that aren't stone related called biliary dyskinesia.  Good luck!
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No, you may not be having pancreatic cancer. However, since there is diarrhea of yellow color, get liver and pancreatic function assessed and the stool tested for infection. You could have mild liver dysfunction or mild hepatitis.
Other causes are irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, malabsorption syndromes, pancreatic diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism etc. If celiac, Crohn’s and other problems have been ruled out then lactose intolerance and IBS are the possibilities. Gas in stomach, burping, diarrhea all go in favor of IBS. Pancreatic enzyme disorders, liver dysfunction, HIV, cancer of the gut, and infections by parasites other than giardia can all cause persisting diarrhea. Lyme and lupus are other possibilities that present this way. Please discuss this with your doctor (GI doctor). Take care!
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