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voice cracking in woman trying to concieve

After i had my first child (now 2 years old) i had developed post partum thyroiditis. With yoga, and pranayam (breathing exercises) and some accupressure that i did myself, my thyroid became normal (my doctor had done a blood test to confirm).
We are now trying to concieve for a second time. This month, after my opk came positive we had intercourse on the 19th. 20th evening I had some cramping for a couple of hours and again on the 21st the same, cramping for a couple of hours in the evening. Additionally, on the 21st my voice cracked in the morning for a couple of hours, then cleared for a bit, cracked for a bit in the afternoon, then cleared for a bit before cracking again in the evening for a couple of hours, then clearing and cracking again till i slept. This pattern repeated itself on the 22nd and 23rd. It didn't happen on the 24th and not so far today (25th jan, 2011).
I am concerned that hormones and thyroid functioining might affect conception and successful term-pregnancy.
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Are you eating organic or on hormones food?
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Get your complete thyroid profile checked. Other than that it can be PCOD affecting hormone and thyroid levels. Please consult your PCP and gynecologist. Take care!
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yes, I have been having organic capsules (Shatavari)

alternately with one more by the same company
the pills are called woman's well-being
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doctornee, around april-may last year
my thyroid gland was functioning normally according to the blood work prescribed by the gp.
but she said that my autoimmune thyroid antibody levels were high.
i should probably get the blood work done again.

i am afraid if i have conceived how the thyroid antibody levels might affect me or the foetus.......i have to wait ten days before i can take the home preg test
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