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weight loss, swollen glands

Hi there, I'm hoping that I can get some support and new ideas from you here, heres a run down of my symptoms.

lost 7 kg in less than 6 months and cannot gain any weight despite eating loads more. i look like a skeleton with skin, no bum, no boobs, virtually no fat anywhere.
leg cramps and twitching mainly at night, cannot support the cold even a mild cold makes me ice up hands feet and tongue numb , blue/purple knees
swollen, painless glands in groin area.

in 2008 I visited my doctor for fatigue
my bloods then were:
lab norms in brackets
red blood: all low end normal except red cell distribution (RDW) which was at 15.4 (11.5 - 15)

white blood: white blood cells 10500 (4000 - 10000)
neutrophils 48% 5040 (2000- 7000)
eosinophils 8% 840 (less than 400)
basophils 0% 0 (less than 100)
lymphocytes 34% 3570 (1500 - 4000)
monocytes 10% 1050 (200 - 1000)

platelets within normal limits
ESR 30 mm

glucose, urea, creatanine, global filtration rate all within normal
cholesterol and triglycerides normal

sodium 140 (135 - 145)
potassium 5.9 (3.7 - 4.9)

T4 and TSH normal

My doctor at the time had me redo the potassium test due to the high result and that showed

potassium 5.2 ( 3.7 - 4.9)

she also sent me for a heart check up which came back normal

fast forward to last  year and I want to my new doctor (moved house in between) because I was starting to worry myself and my family with the weight loss. She ordered a new lot of bloods....

red blood - normal
white blood - white blood cells 9.00 ( 4 - 10)
neutrophils 54.1% 4.87 (2 - 7.5)
eosophils 8.6% 0.77 (0.04 - 0.8)
basophils 1.4% 0.13 (0 - 0.2)
lymphocytes 25% 2.25 ( 1 - 4)
monocytes 10.9% 0.98 (0.2 - 1.0 )

platelets normal
ESR 42

glucose, creatinin, global filtration normal
bilirubin 1.6 (less than 10)
cholesterol and triglycerides normal

sodium 137 (137 - 145)
potassium 5.61 ( 3.5 - 5.00)

transaminase SGOT and SGPT normal
alkaline phosphatase 159 (35 - 105)

TSH normal

she sent me for a heart test and a chest x ray
heart test normal. slight thickening of aortic valve and possible bicuspid
chest xray normal found scoliosis that I had no idea about but maybe explains horrible back pain i suffered a few years ago.

then just recently she sent me for a mammogram and an ultrasound of thyroid

mammogram micro and macro calcifications assessed as ACR2 so nothing to panic about
also found an adenomegaly on both sides of the axillary lymph nodes

ultrasound of thyroid was clear and cervical lymph nodes normal

sorry its so long hope someone can suggest a line of investigation as I have not much faith in my doctor after her remark that " lots of people want to lose weight...." as if I should be thinking myself lucky.
Thanks in advance Melanie

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