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weird constellation of symptoms - what could they mean?

History: 23 y.o. female. I've been working at a daycare with 3 month -3 yr olds over the past few weeks, but last week was my first full (47 hr) week on the job.

Last Wednesday night (5 days ago) I first noticed that I was unusually full after a small dinner. Then Thursday morning I had a few episodes of diarrhea. For the next few days I had dull non-localized lower abdominal pain on and off, and constant complete loss of appetite. (As in, I couldn’t even finish a lean cuisine, and I still felt like I ate a Thanksgiving dinner. I have never experienced this before – I always get normal hunger pangs, even when I’m nauseous). I had one more episode of diarrhea Friday night. I also noticed by then that I was burping all the time, way more than usual. On Friday, I also noticed some blood in my underwear which I found out were a few (3 or 4) small pin-like holes on my inner labia that eventually filled with white fluid (I’m guessing/hoping their ulcers?). They hurt to the touch, but not otherwise. Over the weekend I continued to have the vaginal lesions/loss of appetite and also felt some light headedness. Then, on Sunday night, after a particularly garlicy dinner, my mouth got extremely dry (even though I drank plenty of fluids that day) and I got a horrible case of furry tongue (which I’ve never had before). Today (Monday) I developed a sore throat as well. My appetite is getting better at least. I went to the doctor today, and she said that she thinks this is all caused by stress/loss of sleep. I just think that there are too many symptoms which I’ve never experienced before, and something else must be going on. I could have easily caught something from one of the kids (I carry them and change their diapers, so there’s great potential for transmission). Or maybe the stress did bring something dormant in my system out, but I really think something else is going on besides just stress. Any ideas? Please help!
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The first doctor I would go see, if I were you, would be a gynecologist because of your first couple of symptoms; extreme fullness before a full meal has been eaten, and the labia marks.  Is the doctor you went to a gyno?  The getting full really fast concerns me in the fact that it is one of the only obvious symptoms of ovarian problems.
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I wonder if this could be a parasite? Usually you would have the opposite problem though, eating a lot and not feeling full...but for some reason this still sprang to mine.  Or maybe you have a bacterial infection?  The ulcers could be due to bacteria...if you have diarrhea it's probably affecting all areas down there....a lot of time the bacteria from our bottoms cause be spread to our vag area.  If you have something wrong intestinally, say bacteria wise, it's possible that this is now, when splattering out and etc, getting transferred to the vag area.  

i am not an expert on this, but have a history of tummy and vag problems...not at the same time usually but...just thought I'd voice my theory.  best to check with a doctor!
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