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weird times

I've been having strange neurological issues for 7months now with no diagnosis no one knows what's wrong with me.
I've been prescribed tegretol and its helped with the seizures.
But this morning I came across something strange I was touching my right side of my head it was sore which I found werid I massaged it and triggered a head seizure which I thought that was strange I did the same thing on my left side same thing.
Then I decided to experiment and see what would happen if I massaged my whole head and it triggered my head to move in odd ways which was  scary .
I've also noticed that at night my head gets itchy .
What could be causing this ?

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Well, any seizure should be a trip to your doctor.  Do you have a seizure disorder?  I guess you are saying you don't have a diagnosis but are treated for seizures?  I've read about triggers for an epileptic seizure but you don't sound to have been diagnosed with epilepsy.  Massage of the head is actually a soothing treatment for seizures, believe it or not.  Maybe you've discovered a trigger point which does happen (but usually with epilepsy).  When can you visit your doctor again?
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A GP diagnosed me with epilepsy, that's why I was prescribed tegretol.
But 2 neurologist said that it wasn't epilepsy that the seizures are caused my trauma or stress I told them that doesn't make sense because I have no trauma in my life to cause this.

because I made it clear that wasn't the case I was told that he can't give me a diagnosis because he doesn't know what's causing these symptoms.

I have a follow up appointment with the neurologist in 4 months and I'm seeing the GP who diagnosed with me with epilepsy in a few weeks to extend my medical exemption I will show him what I discovered.

Okay, I understand better.  You've had conflicting opinions.  Personally, I'd go to your GP again.  Don't rub your head as you were that triggered the seizure.  For many, head massage can help but for some, it triggers.  Look for other triggers. Things like too much stress, lack of sleep, missing meds, drinking alcohol.  Start a little journal keep track of this stuff to give to the neurologist.  Let me know what happens.
Thanks will do
Insist on an MRI of your head and neck asap if not already done.
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