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what could be the problem? am scared and worried

Having sex with my boyfriend and when he ejaculate, his sperm is yellow and white..... it doesn't burn or itch but after his hand have a fishy smell.
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If his sperm has fishy smell consistently, it might be wise to contact an urologist, to rule out vas deference obstruction-just look it up-

Fructose is actually one of the main component in sperm (after water) with some salt/,bitter undertones with a hint of ammonia. Sounds like.. fine wine description,lol!

Hi Kim.

My own sperm is mainly sweet and a bit salty, as I have been told and very mild smell.

When sex or ejaculation in general is infrequent, the odor is usually stronger.
It is influenced by diet and overall health.
Consuming alcohol, smoking etc. will contribute to a rather foul odor.
On the other hand, fruit like pineapple (look into bromelain, a natural enzyme from pineapple and its stem) will add to the sweetness of sperm
and contribute to a better PH balance, thus improving sperm odor.

Best wishes,
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Thanks but could it be anything bad like std ?
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No, I don't think STDs would  effect the sperm odor itself, but they might affect the genitals.
Also, if he's uncircumcised and not maintaining good hygiene causing bacteria to reside there, or if urine is mixed with sweat, it may contribute to an offensive odor.
Do you have any suspicions he's been unfaithful?
Are there any other signs or symptoms?  

My apologies for my original reply. I'm using a small tablet and the lines seem to get mixed up very easily, w/o me realizing it. I should double-check my posts before submitting, I guess.

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I know he flirt alot don't know and I can't swear for him.......
I used douche can it be the reason?
All I have is lower abdominal pains, no itching and a little foul smell
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