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what is causing my extreme body odor?

No matter how much I wash my hair and armpits they smell.. My scalp gives off this strong cheesy/sour odor and my armpits give off a musty odor.. I have tried everything in the book for both and nothing has worked... What is going on with my body?? what type of physician should I go to besides a dermatologist because they aren't helping with my issue..
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can it be something your eating? perhaps more water and lighter foods? our bodies on the outside represent what they are in the inside, so i think you just need to change a bit of the eating habits. good luck
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Yep - it has to do with transit time - being the time required for the food you eat to pass through your intestine and eliminated from your body. if it takes too long, the odors are carried by the blood and exuded through your skin (sounds kinda weird, but think about what happens to people when they eat something strong like garlic)

The food you are eating is decomposing in your gut, and if you take the top off a septic tank, you realize it's smelly - the exact same thing is going on inside your intestines all the time - the waste ferments and smells more the more it ferments.

As Maritza said above. eat light food, but eat food that digests easily and can pass through quickly - include (sounds old fashioned) prunes, dates, fruit, anything that can speed up digestion - whatever you can eat that sounds like a laxative of sorts

Hope that helps!!!
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You're not alone.  This article about "smelly hair syndrome" was published in the Huffington Post.  Also,  they experience the same frustration with dermatologists.  Their solution?  Dial antibacterial body wash and shampoos with sulphur shampoos.  Which I really don't get - sulphur smells like farts.  Anyway,  worth a read.

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