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what is wrong with me!?

I need some opinions on a medical problem i have been dealing with for about two weeks now. I woke up one day and i had this excruciating pain in my lower back. The pain is on my spine, not muscular. Like a bone bruise or something. It feels like its poofed up there and it looks swollen but not red. The pain in my back decreased a little but then i got this pain in my right ankle. The dr said i have a grade three sprain because i have no mobility and it is swollen like crazy. But i didnt do anything to sprain it at all. So he gave me a boot to wear for six weeks. I also have a very bad pain in my left index finger. Both of my shoulders. My neck, when i look left.  And a couple muscular pains in my back. One of the spots feels like a very bad pinch. But now i have this going on in my left ankle as well with some swelling but not as much. It also hurts on my pinky toe like a broken blood vessel. Every dr i go to just says i have a sprained ankle and itll be okay in a few weeks. But that doesnt explain anything. Ive not had an mri or ct scan only one xray on my right ankle. There hasnt been any tests done despite many prior requests to my physician, the er, and the orthopedic i went to. I cant get out of bed in the morning until i sit there for a few hours. Then after that i have to use crutches very very slowly. I feel like i need a wheelchair because neither ankle can bear one pound of pressure.  This all started out of nowhere. I didnt do anything to sprain my ankle let alone a grade 3 sprain. Also i had a mrsa infection that went away on its own about a week prior to this starting. But i asked my dr if i could have a mrsa infection in my blood and he said no because i would be sweating and have rigors. I do have a fever of 100.2, but other than that. I feel healthy until i try to move. Then i hurt everywhere. Also sometimes my right ankle will go numb and have a very strong tingling sensation. The bottom of my right foot on the heel feels like it has a broken blood vessell as well or kind of like a strange sharp pain when i walk on it. Please help as i cant find a dr that seems to care enough to try. Thank you.
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I'm no doctor, but I'm not so sure that a MRSA infection will just go away on its own.  A buddy of mine fought one for better than 2 months one every kind of antibiotic there is.
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Hi there, after reading your problem I'm left speechless that none of the docs seem to want to follow up the mrsa infection to see if it has settled else where, this is what it sounds like to me, an aunt of mine had very very similar aches pains and problems following mrsa and it was linked to it, I have this habit of if I can't seem to get the specialists attention putting everything in writing, I would most likely copy what you have put on here word for word  and marking it private and for the attention of 'Mr .....' It usually finds it's way into their hands and they will read it, but you have to mark it Private, I hope you get this sorted, please let me know how you go, I will speak to my aunt to get some in depth details regarding her ordeal, she had to go about it by writing private to the specialist....good luck x  
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I am not a medical person. However, you should have them run blood work to make sure the MRSA has not traveled.  I have a friend that had a low grade fever that got MRSA following a fall at work.  It seemed to go away. However, about three weeks later she started having all kinds of strange problems that made no sense. It was her arm that swelled for no reason. You would have sworn she had to have taken a terrible fall.  She listened to me and went to a different hospital. She wound up in their ICU for almost two weeks for it has did something and got into her blood system. It is not something to play with. Many of your symptoms sound like stuff she complained about.

I do not mean to alarm you. I pray I am wrong. But I almost lost my life-long friend. I never knew how dangerous MRSA was until then.

Good luck.
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