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what is wrong with my stomach?

three years ago i started to experience stomach problems. i was 14 and in class i would get extremely gassy and bloated no matter what i ate. i mentioned something to my doctor but i didn’t pay much attention because shorty after covid pulled me out of school and i wasn’t worried about dealing with it at home. now that we are back in school it’s almost unbearable. whenever i eat or drink my stomach bloats so much my muscles feel sore and i can’t eat without it coming up one way or another. my family has a history of gallbladder disease and we aren’t sure if it has to do with that. i got an x-ray about a week ago and the doctors couldn’t seem to find anything. having chronic pain everyday makes it really hard for me to feel like a normal teenager and the constant bloating and gas is really embarrassing in a school setting. please help if anything like this has happened to you or you may be able to help. thank you!
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I'm confused.  Are you saying this problem went away when you stopped going to school due to covid?  If that's so, did you eat differently?  And if not, does being at school make you nervous?
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Headoyle, I sympathize because I've had similar problems in the past!  In my case it turned out to be certain foods & food additives I can't tolerate.  Things that can cause these symptoms:  Milk or anything with added lactose; any sweetener that ends with "tol" such as sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol;  saccharine;  anything with inulin or chicory root.  Those are the big ones for me.  I've learned the hard way that I have to read the labels of EVERYTHING I put in my mouth.  I can't even chew gum that has xylitol!  Another possibility you might consider is gluten intolerance.  Irritable bowel syndrome is another possibility.  Please keep us posted, I really hope you can solve this issue!
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