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what might be wrong with me

I have been suffering with perssisant iching in the anal area and boudts of vaginal iching, this has now been going on for almost 8 months.
I have seen a G.P about 3 months ago who took a skin swob and percribed me cream and penacylin, but it still perssists.
I am on anti deppressives(trazdone) which I take half a tab every evening.
I am no longer sexually active as have split from my partner now for almost a year.
This is really concerning as I suffer daily and sometimes even bleed from the back passage and often suffer pain in my abdomen and lower back as a result.
What can this be
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Have you ever been tested for vaginosis? I know that it caused me itching, along with a somewhat fishy odor, but only when semen contacted my vaginal fluids. It is not necessarily sexually transmitted, so it's possible even though you are not having sex. I was given metrazanole to clear it up. Hope this helps. I have also been on Trazadone, it just made me eat myself to death (LOL), but no itching.
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could be an ulcer id this problem and ended up bein rushed to hospital from college from sever chest and back pains and a cold sweat, rapid pulse weak and shaking like jelly and i have ulcers nd pancreatitis.. so you shoud get a blood test and and anal check.. its not pleasant but needs to be done i was put on protium medication best of luck ;) oly 18 :(
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Hello being prescribed penicillin would usually treat a mild infection. Have you ever been tested for the common STD's? Chlamdia can be carried for many years by women without any symptoms at all. Bleeding from the back passage is very concerning and you should see your doctor about this. In answer to your original question, an itch 'front an back' could be an infection or just an inbalance of your normal florna which has resulted in some localised colonisation of common 'microbes'. Best to get a full GU check up and test for any trace of STD's first.
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I would say after living 8 months with this itching, and being given penicillin amongst other things, you need to start ruling out what could be the cause of this.
First have you been tested for diabetes?, as this condition which is to much sugar in the blood, can cause genital itching.
Secondly this genital itching may be fungal as in thrush, so i would be getting checked for candida, or some other fungal infection,
Fungus infections can cause stomach pain in the gut too.
Thirdly the bleeding from the anus could be one off many things, and needs further investigation, it could be a fistula, or could be from piles ,etc. but this definately needs looking at.
Lastly if all else fails and nothing can be found, then maybe a sexual health check.

Good luck.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Itchy anus can be due to undigested food like citrus fruits, grapes, certain spices, tomatoes, certain medicines like antibiotics and laxatives and certain drinks like beer, milk, tea, or coffee. Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, threadworms can all cause anal itch. Itch can also be due to irritants like synthetic fiber, toiletries or fungal infection.
If you can identify any of these triggers, maybe it will help you. Since it is both an anal and vaginal itch, either the stool contaminates the vagina while cleaning up or it is some toiletries item or clothes. Fungal infection too is a strong possibility. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.  Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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