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when i stand up i get lightheaded and weak.

about a week ago i was having heartburn problems so i added some baking soda to some water and drank it but the next day i was feeling really lightheaded when i stood up and i was constipated so i took some magnesium citrate and it cleared me all out. i still have the lightheadedness when i stand up and it effects the whole body, almost like my body wants to give out on me. i have a stomach ache that doesnt go away most of the time and my lower back is also hurting almost like i have a kidney infection or maybe my spine is sore for some reason? could i have poisoned myself with the baking soda and if so should i go to the hospital? i dont have insurance and i also already have a $2000 hospital bill i still have to pay for so what would be my best choice?
also im still iffy about the baking soda poisoning because i looked up the symptoms and it says nothing about making you lightheaded throughout the body
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No the baking soda wouldn't have poisoned you. That is an old technique that has been used for ages for heartburn and the like, and is in plenty of the foods we eat. It would take a very large consumption to harm you.
Baking soda can be dehydrating though, and since you also took a laxative my assumption is that you are lacking fluids. Sometimes simple dehydration can be the reason for lightheadedness, nausea or just feeling "off." Try upping your intake of water and natural juice for a couple days. Lightheadedness and weakness can also be the result of a vitamin/mineral deficiency so make sure you're diet is up to par, and pop a couple multies to be sure.
This will also help in case you have caught the flu or another virus.

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I think poisoning by baking soda is pretty unlikely unless you have an allergy to it or used a LOT.  Are you eating enough?
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I don't think you can poison yourself with baking soda, as a matter a fact just last night on TV I heard that exactly what you did is a good remedy. I suffered adrenals issues, you should read up on that. Getting light headed upon standing and lower back pain are symptoms of adrenal insufficiancy.
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Hi! Either it is postural hypotension or vasovagal attack. The blood pressure falls when you stand and causes all the symptoms that you are suffering. Dehydration, certain medications, heart problems, untreated diabetes, and nervous system disorders can all cause this. Certain internal ear problems can also affect blood pressure monitoring by the body by not properly signaling a change in position. Blood pressure monitoring, tilt table test, EKG, heart echo, ambulatory blood pressure recording are all required for diagnosis. Hypoglycemia, low BP, anemia could be the other causes. Cervical spondylosis can also cause dizziness. I am sorry you have not yet been able to find a cause. Just go over these possibilities. BP, you can also monitor at home from a digital device and see if the BP falls on standing or changing position. If possible discuss this with a doctor. Take care!
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