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white spots on tonsils and pain while swallowing

almost one month ago i had sore throat without having a cold, fever, chills but only pain when i was swallowing and i didnt even thought to check if i had white spots on my tonsils. i dont remember if the lymphs of my neck were swollen . another thing is that the pain was moving from side to side , for one two days were on the left, the next they were on right and the next on the center. these symptoms were lasted about 10 days (or 12 days) and after one week the pain while swallowing came back on the left side and it lasted 2 days, so after that i was ok about 3 weeks and now about one week my mouth gums are swollen and bleeding one after one and the gum around my wisdom tooth , which is out already  swollen as well for 4 days , when i tease it it seems like it goes off the tooth, i couldnt open my mouth these 4 days, i was in pain and still i am , like i have a wound and the most terrifying symptom is the white spots on my both tonsils that i just discovered. i dont have fever or any other symptom . i have pain when i swallow and the saliva or my tongue or my food touches the white spotted tonsil but only on the side that the swollen gum is. im 20 years old, female, and i never expirienced oral sex but if in the extreme case i have gonnorhea or chlamydia and my boyfriend gave me to lick his fingers after he put it in my vagina would i get any throat gonorrhea or throat chlamydia? i also kiss my bf after he gives me oral sex.
PLEASE answer me i dont know what it is and im desperate and  im almost going crazy ...THANK YOU
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
The symptoms could be due to chronic tonsillitis, allergic tonsillitis or due to gastric reflux.
For chronic tonsillitis you will need antibiotics, for allergic one you will need to find the cause and for reflux take antacids and omeprazole.
It is difficult to diagnose onnet.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral.
Take care!
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thank you doctor. so , do i have to bother for any throat gonorrhea/chlamydia?
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I don't know about ghonaria transfer like that but yes,it doese sound like a Gonoria symptom,yes it can be transferred like that.or yeast infections also maybe tonsilittuss.Go to the Doctor and see what he can give you to get well.You are not suppose to do that.You can get ulcers or anything.Calcium to that kind of Calcium yoou don't need.God Bless you and I hope ypu feel better and drink plenty of water.
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