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white spots on tonsils?

I had a sore throat yesterday and after I took some medicine it was fine.  I took some medicine again today and my throat is in no pain.  Is it still strange that I have white spots on my tonsils?
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i think that means its strep throat but I am not sure, I would get a swab done anyway
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It doesn't necessarily mena that you have strep.  It is not uncommon for food to get trapped in little "pockets" on your tonsils.  This food can literally cause an infection.  Most often, these white patches would cause pain.  Another possibility of white patches in the mouth/throat/tongue could be thrush.  If it hurts, I would see a doc.
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that should have been "mean"...
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my daughter gets white spots at the back of her throat when she get tonsilitus or as had a sore throat,
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My daughter had the same thing happen. My doctor told me that she didn't have strep. Her's looked like little hard white balls stuck in her tonsils, and when she picked them out there was a small hole there. He said we have crypts in our tonsils and bacteria and other things can cause it and not to worry. When I saw your post I thought how weird no straight answers to help any of us, so I started looking on line. I found this article that I think is pretty close to it. And in the article it talks about bad breath, well my daughter has been having bad breath at times, and I've had her teeth rechecked because of it, next time Im looking at her tonsils. Here's the web address:
Let me know if you find out anymore. I bet it's nothing to worry about though. Take care.
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It's a tonsilolith or tonsil stone:  check out  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonsillolith

I had them as a young adult, but recently had two reappear near my left tonsil.  I fabricated a length of wire looped back on itself with a small loop of wire at the apex (to emulate a handle with a small loop of wire on it).  I used approx.. 24 guage single strand copper wire (making sure it was a continuous piece with no ends/sharps edges!), then I just dug them out.  After two or three attempts at each one, each popped out.  

I then used a bend eye dropper to suck out a bit of left-over debris.  Now they look spic and span.

I should have probably washed my hands and all these tools, but I didn't.  

Good luck!
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