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wondering about pain on left side under ribs

Two years ago I had an episode with severe pain on my left side under my ribs. A CT was done that showed nothing except my uterus was enlarged. The doctors thought it might be GERD. They did a colonoscopy that showed nothing wrong. They have done EKG's, checked my thyroid. All of that showed nothing. However, I still feel uncomfortable on my left like there is a lump or something. Recently, I was picking up something and I felt a shift take place and the lump moved from my left side under my rib cage over to just under the breast bone. If I thought it was bad before it is worse now. I can feel my pulse everytime I pick up something and it still feels as if there is a lump, only now it is in both places. It makes me think of heartburn but it doesn't go away even with Prevacid. Most recently, it has caused my heart rate to kick up. I have low blood pressure. Much of what goes on is on my left side and I end up with some burning pain down the left side. Since it goes on all the time it is hard to rest. I have noticed that I tend to retain water more lately and when this thing with my left side acts up I tend to urinate less regardless of how much water I drink.

This is all very confusing and my doctor tells me my symptoms just don't line up with anything. My blood pressure, pulse and all of that are always okay, except of course when my symptoms get bad my heart rate goes up and sometimes skips a bit. I am wondering if anyone else has this type of thing happen and if anyone has any idea of what this might be?
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Yeah, I just started to have this yesterday right after eating some fish, corn, chips, & a beer at TGI Fridays.  After a good night's sleep, it was still there. It's a pain under my left ribcage kid of sweeping around the side of my body.  It hurts when I breathe in and especially when I take a deep breath.  It feels like there is a bubble of air under my armpit and my left chestbone....and even my back a little...like someones blowing up a balloon. I feel like I want to burp to get the air out, but I can't.  Should I be concerned?

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your symptoms really dont line up with any sort of disease or infection I can think of,, but just out of curiosity,, have you had any surgeries in the area thats bothering you? I would think that if something was left inside it would show on the CT,, but Im not a CT tech so I can only guess that gauze/sponges ect would be atleast somewhat visible... ?
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I have been having a pain on my left side under my rib cage. I have been under a lot of stress lately and thats when it appeared. I can almost feel something and it doesnt go away, its been a week now. Its almost like a ball of something. (air?) Please somebody figure out what this is, this is a medical site isn't it?

Thank you
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Often when we see patients that have similar symptoms as yours with the sensation of upper left quadrant fullness, pressure, sensation of needing to belch, etc, it ends up being a huge collection of trapped gas in the last elbow of the colon (large intestine)...This area can dilate to huge proportions and even put pressure against the diaphragm, which, in turn pushes on the bottom of the heart and against the stomach and spleen...An enlarged spleen, gall bladder problems, pancreatic problems (which nearly always have other symptoms with it), and even a cyst on a kidney, can also generate these symptoms...
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i have an air building up in my stomach at nightwhich normally starts aound 10pm and a lot of sensation of my left toes and a lot of air movement under the left side of my ribs. this air does not end doesn't matter how many times i pass a wind and it is really load and embarrassing as it can be heard through a doors away.

my GP think it may be that i have an IBS and presecibed me all sort of medications including Mebeverine, Colofac and many others, but nothing worked for me.

i cannot sleep at night and this effected my work performance as well as my relationship.

does anybody know what is wrong with me.
please help.
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