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So this is my first blog ever. I hope I dont mess it up to much. I have really run out of options and am at a lost on how to help myself tackle my current situation.

About 4 years ago now I got my wisdom teeth removed, which I thought was pretty routine and normal. Me being a normal health person, decided that I wasn't going to take the anti-biotics given, using the mindset/logic that if I take them now when my body really needs them they wont be as effective. But the dentist that removed my teeth actually had left a piece of tooth in my gums. This then in turn became infected and I had to go to another dentist to remove the tooth. They then recommended that it would be "NOW" a smart choice to take the full course of anit-biotics to clear the infection.

About a month later my eyes started swelling up as if I was having an allergic reaction to something. This continued for about a year on and off. Within that year I had seen multiple doctors and specialist who could not figure out what was wrong. On top of all that, they didn't know weather it was a viral or bacterial infection and kept perscribing oral anti-biotics to myself to deal with each outbreak, for lack of a better word.

3 years later my life is a living hell. I continue to see my doctor with headache, dizziness (when standing up), heart palpitations, a feeling of being spaced out almost everyday, shortness or breath from time to time, memory lost, and involuntary movements.

This has been the scariest times of my life because I've completed almost every test I can think of from , ECG's, blood work (std's included, which is negative across the board), x-rays, cat scans, ECG monitoring (holters) and my doctors continue to tell me that i'm perfectly fine, which is not okay with me. I have recently just found a new doctor because as I continue to try and deal with these issues, my last doctors was making me feel as if I was some sort of hypochondriac because I was challenging his opinion. I explain to him I would love nothing more than to walk out of his office and only see him for my annual check ups. He then offered the possibility of depression causing these symptions and thats when I said enough is enough.

Please somebody HELP me. I'm at the end of my rope and dont know where else to turn.
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Hi. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. It is possible that the infection moved through the sinuses and caused some problems in the ear which would give you the dizziness and maybe trigger anxiety which would cause the other problems possibly? You are probably depressed as well from having to deal with this stuff and it can be difficult to figure out which problem is causing which. I would go to a different doctor though for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th opinions until you find the answer. I am suffering with some pretty similar cognitive problems and I can't imagine having to give up on the search to find out what's wrong with me. I looked into labyrinthitis and menieres without the vertigo for me. Maybe check those out? Good luck :(
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