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Mystery Illness

Symptoms: Diarrhea which has lasted off and on for more than three months, swollen lymph nodes which have been swollen for over a month (groin, both sides of neck, under chin and one armpit), small anal fissure, mucus with stool on occasion. Some discolored spots around my stomach, they are smaller than dimes and look a little like bruises.

No stomach pain, no rapid weight loss though there has been weight loss but that has been an active goal. No cough or issues breathing.  

My doctors exact quote was that I am a "medical enigma" and has referred me to an infectious disease specialist.

It should be noted that: I was tested positive for Gonorrhea back in June and was successfully treated. I have been retested since including for oral, anal and genital all came back negative. I have also been tested multiple times for HIV including the rapid response oral test and a blood test. I have also been tested for Syphilis and Chlamydia, both were negative. Additionally I have had blood work done and according to the blood work I am incredibly healthy (they were looking for signs of Lymphoma, Hodgkins, Crohn's)  . I have also had three stool samples collected which were being tested for bacteria and parasites, all of which have come back negative.

I understand that after being treated for Gonorrhea with a powerful antibiotic your intestinal track can be upset and out of whack. To combat that I began taking a pro-biotic which has helped some but does not explain the swollen lymph nodes. I should also state that my nodes are very sensitive and usually swell up even when I get a common sore throat.

Please if you could shed some light on this or point me in a better direction.

Illnesses that make sense to me include: C.Diff? IBS? Crohn's? Ulcerative Colitis? Impacted Tooth? Intestinal Infection?
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