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Odd Unknown Mental Issue

I get this pain in my head followed by memory loss, can't remember what I was doing, can't do simple tasks, hard to talk, veins get big like blood is rushing through fast, blurry vision, feeling like I am watching myself  through a window like I am not there like it is a dream, heavy breathing, feels like I am in fight or flight mode, twitching and back and neck pain. Its like a wave is shutting down my brain, it acts up real bad when I have to be in social situations. If anyone talks about me or I am put in a conflict it acts up even worse, it is literally hard to do anything and it is ruining my life. I can be reading something but I just see the words and the info is not going through, little by little my brain can process the information, when I am not having an episode or not a severe one I can perfectly understand just about anything. It seems to trigger during conflict or social situations where I have to be around people, acts up when I am by myself sometimes too and it takes everything I have to continue what I was doing, sometimes I just go to bed out of frustration. That's how bad it is. I want to put further emphasis on the fact this is horrible, if I could get someone to walk through my shoes just to understand how bad it is or at least know what exactly I am going through it would be a miracle. I just want to know what it is called so I can find the root of the problem and cure it. If you have any info I would be grateful.
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