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Sudden gudiness
My Dad has gudeness for few minutes for past 10 years, we did enough diagonising with various doctors in India and Gulf, but no doctors identified the problems. We did enough MRI,CT Scans and EEG tests, but these results were normal. Some doctors suspects it may be a initial stage of cease and so thay asked him to take Eptoin for 2 years, but it is of no use. He undergone a angioplast 6 months back. Now a days he is frequently experiencing the gudeness atleast once in a day. So can some one guide me to get the cure for him.
clopivas 75mg 2 a day
Ecosprin 150mg 1 a day
losar 50mg 2 a day
korandil 5mg 2 a day
aten 25mg 2 a day
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