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Aches and pains

I am now 51 and 60 pds heavier in the past 3 yrs though always model thin and attractive until then.  I know I have some sort of depression but also just tired all the time and no time to work out, etc.  I am experiencing constant pain in muscles of upper arm and cramps in legs along with shooting pains in hips and abdominal area (well around navel and a bit lower).  I have not had medical insurance for almost a year and need to know if this is serious or some clues of what it may be.  Please help.  Thank you!
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These are some very general symptoms that clearly are causing distress.  One thing that needs consideration would be having your thyroid evaluated.  A low thyroid level (hypothyroidism) could explain some of your symptoms.   Many conditions present with these symptoms; therefore, there really is no way to tell you what is wrong.  The forum is not here to make medical diagnosis but to be informational.   Lacking medical insurance is a real barrier for someone without an emergency condition.   You might want to call the social services office of your local hospital and see if they can direct you to a free clinic.  
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