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Body Swelling

I'm a 27 year old male and I experience bizarre swelling during winter months. Last winter is when this all started. If I go out into the cold weather and return to a warmer environment, I will immediately begin to swell in my legs and face accompanied by extreme itching and very noticeable welts on my hands, torso, and arms as if someone whipped me with a rope or stick and my skin does not recess when pressed. e.g. I go out in the morning to clear the snow and ice off the windows and get inside the vehicle(while still cold), this slightly warmer environment will instantly trigger the swelling, itching and welts. The warmer the environment, the faster and more severe I swell and itch. Usually the swelling in my face and the itching and welts are minimal to medium and last for no more than 10 - 20 minutes but the leg swelling is severe enough to cause my clothing to become tight and can last for hours. On one occasion, it was sprinkling outside but it was very windy and the wind and rain were rather cold. I was on my job so I had to go outside to complete a task. I was only outside for no more than 2 minutes but when I returned to the office where it was at least 75 degrees, my face swelled groteskly. I looked deformed! My face was a very warm and heavy feeling and when you pressed my skin, the indentation stayed there, and unlike any other time, it stayed that way for the remainder of the day until it gradually began to taper off. I am an overweight person (400lbs) however, I do carry my weight fairly well. I actively keep my place clean, I work, I navigate stairs proficiently, and I have no real problems walking. I do sit around a lot though and I'm not a very active person overall. Can you if at all possible, give me some insight on this and how(if possible) to prevent this?


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