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Chest pain from Zomig
Hi, I took Zomig yesterday for a bad migraine. I took two doses 5mg each 6 hours apart. Both times I got severe chest pain, tightness of back, chest, and arms. This was accompanied by shortness of breath. The last dose was almost 24 hours ago and I am still having moderate pain in my chest. It is confined to mostly directly under my left breast. I didn't realize all the side effects possible till after I had already taken the medicine. Since being perscribed, I have only taken once before and it didn't have these side effects. My concern is how long is the pain going to last? Could I have heart damage from taking the medince? My history is that I am a 27 year old smoker with moderate hypertension and familial history of hypertension and heart disease from both mother and father. No history of personal heart disease.
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