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Foot is turning black & swelling after shin injury 6 days ago. x-rays show no fractures. Injury extremely painful.
The injury occurred 6 days ago when I swung my lower leg onto an open wood drawer with great force.  Firm lump about 1" high resides inside my leg between knee and ankle where injury exists.  Xrays taken 2 days ago show no broken bones or fractures, but my ankle is swollen and my foot is turning blacker and blacker.  My HMO said to wait two weeks because it is "just" blood under the skin.  Meanwhile, others say if I don't act now, the foot will be amputated.  I'm taking plain aspirins to keep my blood thin and try to reduce the pain.  Should I put my leg on ice or keep it warm?  What type of trauma specialist knows how to determine if this injury is as serious as it looks and feels.
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