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Help, please!! Chronic pain

Hi every body.
  I am a 16y/o female that has chronic lateral (outside) ankle pain. I am currently a marching band member, but not involved in any other high-stress activities. My pain started about 2 years ago (when i started marching), and it wasnt too bad in the begining, easy enough to block out as an common ache. I have had NO ankle sprains, and cant find out what might have started this. My pain is constant and it gets worse when i am on my feet, there is a little swelling but it is not extreme.  
  I went to the doc, and she told me it was prob. just tendonitis, and physical therapy would help.... that was three months ago, and PT has had little effect. I was put in a walking boot to help ease the amount of activity and stress my ankle endured, and instead of helping it, the boot made my symptoms worse.
  I have had a MRI  and multiple x-rays taken but both came back negitave for "abnormalities".
  My doc cast my feet for orthotics, and when i started wearing them (around 2 months ago) they did not make a differance good or bad.
I know that there is something that we are missing, that could ultimately provide relief, but i cant figure it out, and i have less than 1 month untill i am on my feet more than 10 hours a day.

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You've had an extensive work up. So here's the deal.

Wear the boot if it helps.
The only pain medicine you can take is Motrin.
Do the best you can with the band.

Not the answer you want but it's the right one.
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