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Im terrified.... What's wrong with me?!

I am a 20 year old female, 5'6 about 130 pounds. I consider myself healthy, but within the past few months some strange symptoms started popping up.
My work does not offer health insurance and I cannot afford it right now privately. I dont want to visit the doctor and rack up bills unless it is necessary.
*Most frightening--- I blacked out the other day- or fainted im not sure which. I was walking around the house when everything went completely black and sounds slowly crept away. I felt myself fall on the floor, then I woke up still blinded. A few minutes later I pulled myself to the bathroom and vomited. This has happend to me before- but not to that extent, i often stand up and lose my vision or get dizzy- but these episodes have always passed without incident.
*I have strange heart beats. I feel my heart race, ready to explode out of my chest, then a few moments later i can barely feel my pulse.
*I get strange pulling/gripping/throbbing sensations in my chest, sometimes shooting sharp pains, but usually a dull ache...
*My hair has been falling out and breaking off- sometimes in chunks.

*I have been utterly exhausted for months- Not just tired, this is different I cant always get through the day.... I feel totally defeated because I am too fatigued to accomplish my endlesss list of daily "to-do's" and I believe this has sent me into depression.
*I have a lot of trouble remembering things- im a waitress and I have to write down EVERTHING NOW. I cant even remember what people order to drink or what I packed in my sons lunchbox that morning.
*I've switched between diareaha and constipation for a few weeks.
*I often find myself panicked and anxious for silly reasons or none at all...
*I have gone from a "set your clock by it" menstrual cycle to missing periods, spotting and all out irregularity.
*I have lost my appetite completely, I am always so nauseated the thought of food repulses me.

I feel like a total waste of life most days. I am a very independent person and I cant seem to get anything accomplished. Im terrified....

Also, there is a history of heart attack and stroke in my family. My mother has hashimotos disease.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my question any and all advice will be appreciated!!!

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I would definately get myself checked out if there is heart disease of any type in the family just to rule it out but it sounds to me like chronic fatigue syndrome or ME - check it out on the internet - sometimes it's post viral but often it is related to stress or a traumatic experience.  Hope you feel better soon.  
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