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Lump in forearm

Seeking advice.  I found a lump in my forearm a little over a week ago.  The lump is located (palm-side up) about 2-3 inches below my elbow (pinky side).  The lump feels like a bb and its tender.  At first there was some swelling, but it appears to have gone down and its not as tender.  Last Saturday I went to an Urgent Care clinic and the PA took an x-ray and she said that the x-ray showed a reaction - but the bone was healthy.  When she tried to explain what "reaction" meant --- it just didn't make sense.  Finally, she just said that there was some irritation.  I'm not sure how an x-ray would show irritation.  I had been using ice, but she told me to switch to heat and take motrin.  I don't know what to think.  As I mentioned, the lump isn't as tender and the swelling has gone down, but the lump is still there.
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The "lump" is most likely a skin phenomena. Probably a blocked sweat gland (Sebacious cyst) or a blocked hair follicle. Keep the area clean and wash daily with dial soap and water.
You got screwed on the X-ray but the nurse practitioner felt like he/she had to "do something" to make you feel better. It also jacked up your bill.
Bottom line: Keep an eye on it. If it gets bigger have someone cut it out and be done with it.
Dr. Gibson
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u have had a reaction?
what i suggest u do is, go through what you have changed in the week that the lump appeared (new soap, food, new cleaning agent, new deodorant, etc.)
if you isolate the change, you can stop whatever it is (like switch deodorant) and see of the lump goes away.
but im no doctor, this is just my suggestion.
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Thanks for you comment Steve, but I haven't changed any products recently.  
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Get to a hospital IMMEDIATELY! I have an Uncle who discovered a similar lump on his arm. He died.
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