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injured vein in arm

While trimming some bushes in my yard, one of the thorns on the bush (thorn was about 4" long) poked me on the inside of my arm. Stabbing me in one of the veins in my forearm. Now I have radiating pain up to my shoulder, a black/blue lump at the injury point that is raised(puffy) and very tender. Should I be concerned about blood clots or anything else?
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You should go see a doctor. It sounds infected. Infections can be very painful. Make an appointment to see the doctor. Take care.
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I agree with Susan.  See a doctor and get examined and maybe a tetnus shot.
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Totally agree - seek medical treatment asap - especially since it was a vein involved as this is a direct blood supply so the infection (if it is one) would take hold much quicker than an infection in a cut in just skin tissue.
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