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positive for antinuclear at 1:320

Hello, I am an 37 old male and for the past 9 months i have been out of work due to constant head aches and migraines,fatigue, dizzy,constant pain, ringing ears, eye pain, blured and double vision, flashing lights and floaters. I always wear sunglasses due to light makes my eyes and head hurt 4x worse, I also have a severe gait problem i drag both my feet and have to use a cain and still have problems with balance and falling, i have myoclonic seizures constanly and also my right arm tremmors, i also have muscle pain and stiff muscles and joints and one day my right arm locked into a certain position for about ten minutes and could not move it at all, I also have buring, itching extremely sensitive skin, and my skin on my hand looks dry, wrinkled and cracked but does not feel dry or flake and the top of my feet up the back of my ankles and the inside of my arms look tight and wrinkled and just recently started to look this way. I have had every test done at two different hospitols refered by my neurologist and have do definate answers to what is the cause, I've had 4 lumbar test that show my protein is at 114, 6 MRI's and the last one they thought i might of had a stroke, the MRI's on my spine show most of my dics to be degenerative and signs of mild to moderate spinal canal stenosis and mild to moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis, and i also came back possitive for autoimmune and antinucleolar at 1:320, i have had an eeg, emg, ct, blood, urine and all the eye test you could immagine but these are the only definate findings from all my test. If you have any thoughts i would be very happy to hear them.

Thank you for your time, CTCollins
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