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results liver test

I am a alcoholic and I had a liver function test and am not able to go back in to get more tests because i have no insurance. So if you could tell what these results mean, thank you

Alkaline Phosphates 83
AST 131
ALT 248  

Hepatitis C antibody , negative (does that mean I have it)

I'm concerned that there is something wrong so please tell if I need to go back regardless of the money situation thank you
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The ALT and AST are elevated,  These are enzymes found in the liver.  The hepatitis C results indicate that you have not been exposed to the hepatitis C virus.   Even normal blood work does not indicate that you have nothing wrong.  These are only a few of the many tests that were or can be ordered.  This forum can be no replacement of a history and physical with your physician.  If you are worried, you need to go back and speak to your doctor about what these results mean in the context of your doctor’s overall evaluation of your condition.  
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