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Antibiotics ineffective--Misdiagnosed?

Hi! I'm a 22-year-old female, generally healthy. Have had lower right-hand side of my abdomen/pelvis for about the last year. It is intermittent but it always comes back, which I find troubling. It ranges from dull to sharp, from stabbing to stinging, but it is always in the same place, between my right hip bone and my vulva (so it starts at the hip bone and goes LOW, like to where pubic hair begins).

I do have Polycystic ovaries, (bilateral), but with normal hormones and regular periods--I'm thin w/no apparent insulin resistance, etc. ANYWAY, suspecting of course that this pelvic pain was related to PCOS/enlarged ovaries,  I saw my Gyno last year--he was unconcerned, and said it was likely just run-of-the-mill pain with ovulation.

This week however, the pain was very bad, and when lying down I could even feel a very perceptible bump/swelling over lower pelvic region (what I BELIEVE is my right ovary).  Went to my University's health center and explained my situation. They did a urine test, and the doctor said I have a "severe" urinary tract/bladder infection. Prescribed Ciprofloxacin 500MG 2xday/7days.

MY CONCERN: I have now taken 4 days of antibiotics and the pain/burning sensation in pelvis is not even a little bit better.  I've never had a UTI, but my friends, most of whom have had several, say this is definitely not normal and the antibiotics should have killed the pain by now. Also, I have NEVER experienced painful urination/urge to urinate/blood in urine, or ANY urinary abnormality as far as I can tell.What I  do feel is an enormous amount of internal  pressure, on the right side, as though something were going to pop.

Should I be alarmed? Is there an obvious misdiagnosis here?

Thank you so much!
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A through medical evaluation is extremely important for correct diagnosis and management of your condition. The common causes of such type of pain are kidney stones, ovarian cysts, acute appendicitis, hernia, ectopic pregnancy etc.A complete medical history and tests like urine examination; ultrasound can help in determining the exact cause. You will need an ultrasound scan to determine if there are kidney stones or any of the causes mentioned above. You are not finding any relief in your symptoms so it is best to contact your doctor and clarify your doubts. The doctor may need to review your case again. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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