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Burning frequent urination no uti

Five weeks ago I had a severe case of an UTI. I was put on six antibiotics, but come to find out the type of bacteria I had was resistant to every single medication. Finally I was put on Levaquin. It cleared it up for about six days. Then a few days later the pain came back. The urge to pee, frequency and a burning sensation that lasts all day, but flares up more at night. I feel like I have no control of my bladder lately. Once I get done urinating I have the urge to pee again. It doesnt burn while I go, but once Im done I get a burning sensation. My lower pelvis hurts as well especially where my ovaries are. At night the burning sensation keeps me up. I dont sleep at all at night. Its like a flare up of something. Ive changed body washes, laundry detergents toilet paper etc a few times and nothing along with cutting out caffeine. Ive been tested for literally everything. Yeast, bacterial vaginosis, thrush, chlamydia, ghnorrhea, trich, uti, and so on and absoulutely everything is negative. Im at a loss as everyone keeps throwing antibiprics at me and nothing is clearing this up. I have a referral with a specialisf but it hasnt been accepted yet. Five weeks and going on with this agnozing pain and no answers. Help! Also ive been taking d mannose, vitamin c, probiotics, and cranberry pills. Thanks
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