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Can urinary tract infections be transmitted during sex?

Hi everyone.  I am a guy and I have been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.  Specifically "Morganella Morganii."

When the doctor told me she said the specific urinary tract infection I have is very rare in men and was "strange" I could get it.  I have never had a urinary tract infection in my life.  

The timing of it seems odd as it comes only one week after I had sex with a female escort.

Although I know urinary tract infections are not classed under the umbrella of sexually transmitted infections I am wondering if a urinary tract infection can be transmitted during sex?

I did wear a condom, but am worried the condom broke somewhat while still remaining mostly intact so I didn't notice when I looked down afterwards (although things did feel a little different), which has led to my urinary tract infection, and potentially other infections.

I have a healthy diet, I drink a lot of water, I have good personal hygiene, and I don't really go out too often so I don't see how I could have got it any other way other than condom failure.
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