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Chronic symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection

I frequently get urinary tract infections.  I was finally treated by a urologist who put me on antibiotic therapy for several months to "calm my bladder".  This initially seemed to help but now I am I seem to be back to getting into my old pattern.  What is strange is even when the infection is over and antibiotics are finished, I still seem to have the symptoms of pressure, urgency and frequency but tests come back negative.  I don't understand why I keep feeling like I have an infection even when I don't have one.  I am terrified to even be intimate with my husband because this brings them on sometimes and this of course causes problems in the marriage.  I just feel so hopeless about this.  Nothing ever seems to work.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to say what could be the issue here. I would suggest getting evaluated for conditions like chronic residual infections, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, neurological issues, hormonal/ endocrine imbalances etc; that could present similarly. It would be best to have the evaluation in coordination with a gynaecologist and a nephrologist/ urologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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hiya, im from wales great britain,
i to have been suffering with uti's the first approx 7yrs ago which i ignored for so long i had kidney infection too...
i have noticed a pattern forming that if my sexual activity becomes more frequent i end up with a uti Even though i make absolutly sure (paranoia) i wash and urinate afterwards!!!  since i hit 45yrs my body seems to be retaliating....... compacted bowel, prone to 'bugs' d and v', cold sores, shingles, low immune system, so for the past 3yrs theres always been something ! ;(  so i totally sympathise with u when u said '' I am terrified to even be intimate with my husband because this brings them on sometimes and this of course causes problems in the marriage'' me too, but reasure them (they are like kids really)

take care
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how do you know if you have a kidney infection?  I think I had a UTI but it seems that 10 days of flagyl wasn't enough
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sorry if this is random but i would like to know that if you have a UTI .. will it sting when you have sexual intercourse? i am a teenage girl and about a month ago my doctor told me i may have a bladder infection because there is high amounts of red&white blood cells in my urine but he was not completely sure, he said it could have been from having the stomach flu a week before or maybe because i was sick at the time. i was supposed to have another urine test but i never got it. will someone please tell me if i have a UTI? i dont have much symptoms except for pain while peeing but mostly only after i had intercourse. please help (:
Hello everyone, I sympathise with you all. I have suffered with cystitis for many years and also recently have been experiencing symptoms after the infection has been treated with antibiotics.  The symptoms are a raw burning pain after urination but not during,aching afterwards and feeling very tired and low. I use home test dipsticks and these show whiteblood cells only which the doctor says is not an infection so I presume this is inflammation left from the infection.  I've heard good things about marshmallow root tea. Does anybody know if this is beneficial as I am worried about irritating my bladder any further.
Amy 4022 how are you now? Did you find anything that helped your discomfort?
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