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Cipro Did Not Cure Epididymitis/Orchitis


I am on day 11 of the Cipro. I have it for 14 days. I will finish the course of the antibiotics.

I still feel a random discomfort or tender feeling on my right testicle. This is my first time I have dealt with epididymitis/orchitis. I am absorbing the Cipro (antibiotics) correctly, confirmed with the pharmacist and made sure I am taking it correctly!

I guess my case is a non-infectious one. Is it because I am sitting too much and studying 8-10 hours daily? Maybe it's causing strain on the prostate which causes pain in the scrotal area? Will this cause infertility? Future issues? Future hospitalization? I just want to be healthy and this area is supposed to send pleasure to the brain, not discomfort.  
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Hi there,
A detailed evaluation may be necessary for appropriate diagnosis and management Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for orchitis caused by bacteria can usually preserve the normal testicle function. Mumps orchitis cannot be treated, and the outcome can vary. Men who have had mumps orchitis can become sterile.STIs can also cause orchitis and  epididymitis. Regardless of the source of your inflammation, full recovery can take several weeks .One should abstain from sexual intercourse and heavy lifting while on treatment. It is best to get evaluated again to rule out the cause of your persisting symptoms. Hope you find this information useful.
Best luck and regards!
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do yoga it helps I feel
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