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Constant arousal, urge to urinate sometimes, burning sensation?

Alright, so a couple of days ago, I was laying in my bed, just like any other night trying to go to sleep. I had the urge to urinate, so I got up and did so, then came and laid back down in my bed. All of a sudden, I felt this strange and very uncomfortable feeling of arousal around my clitoris/vaginal area. I told my mother about it and she said it sounded like a UTI. She called a doctor and I'm currently on antibiotics prescribed by my OBGYN. I'm supposed to be on it for seven days but I'm paranoid it may be Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder? Here's the thing though, I'm only 15 years old. It just came on so sudden. Also, after I urinate, it burns a little afterwards. Could these symptoms be from a UTI I have? I'm embarrassed to talk about it and I'm just afraid it might be PGAD. What should I do? Just a side note, sometimes the feeling of arousal will go away, but it will come back.
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Yes it is a symptom of UTI only. Your age is too less to take high dose of medicines. Go for some natural antiseptic, it will not have any side effects and you will get relief also.
so it is not a symptom of PGAD?
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