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Delay during urine

Whenever I want to urinate even when I'm pressed, I notice that the urine comes delayed and slight pain when coming, and after urinating I do feel that there is still some urine but not coming out at that moment. I have not seen any doctor,what could be the cause of this? Thanks
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Hi there!
These symptoms of painful urination, residual urine can be due to numerous causes. The causes can be urinary tract infection, kidney stones, urethral strictures, cystitis, urethritis, sexually transmitted diseases, vaginitis, endometriosis in females, and prostatitis in males. I will advise you to drink plenty of water so that if there is any infection the bacteria get flushed out. Void the bladder fully while urination. Seek medical help. You may need tests like urine microscopy, urine culture and ultrasound kidney ureter baldder.Treatment will depend on the cause. Do keep us posted.
Good luck!
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