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I am a 31 yeas old man.
Last month I was diagnosed with epididymitis (left side). Almost 3 weeks before I had protected sex with prostitute. Test for chlamydia and gonorrhea came out negative and the urine test was clean. I started with antibiotic (levofloxacin 2 weeks). I tested 2 days after starting with antibiotic for Syphilis. It was quick blood test and came out negative. So far I had totally no symptoms of any of these Stds except the pain and swelling of the left testis and pain in my lower back and groin in same side. The pain is mild and it come and go so not consistent. After finishing the antibiotic course the pain came back and I was prescribed doxycycline for 2 weeks. I made Echography and everything looked normal according to the urologist. The urologist said pain might remain for a while. Its now more than a month and I still feel pain. I read about Mycoplasma and it might be the reason in case of absence of chlamydia and gonorrhea. I am so concerned and confused about what the reason of all this and whether it is an STD considering the timing(3 weeks after safe sex with prostitute).
Do you have any explaination or advice? I am in serious relation and planning to have kid. Should I wait?
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Sounds like testicular tortion (twisted Testicle)
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I understood that twisted testicle pain is unbearable. Its been now 7months, the pain is still there. The shape of testicle is strange. It is still bigger. I made 3 times Echography and urologist says nothing abnormal, he mentioned that the problem might be related to nerves in the lowback. Im kind of depressed that this pain will never go away. Pain comes most of the time after masturbation. I need to know why I am having this pain!
I’m in the same boat just minus the sex with a prostitute...
Feel like I’m going insane!
Have you heard anything back on the mycoplasma? I’m really beginning to think I’ve had mycoplasma for years and never new it.....
Everyone thinks I’m crazy but there’s real issues!
Is this any better for you?
Mycoplasma test was negative. The pain was eased during time but never disappear. The urologist could not find a reason and the mystery continues
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Stay away from prostitutes for starters, protected or not.  Don't have any sex until cleared up, Jack if needed.
Maybe since your ultrasound was clear you just bruised your nut.
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