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Haven't urinated for 3 days!

Hi, I'm not sure this is connected or even if its the right forum, but ...
I have not urinated in 3 days, and today my joints aren't working.  Like I drop things, just can't hang on to anything, I keep putting my head down and dozing off.  My knees keep giving out when standing there, kind of like when I was young and my brother would hit the back off my knees so I would practically fall over.  I just can't seem to do anything (can hardly stay awake) if anyone has any answers or even ides of what wrong with me please post.
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I think you need to go to the emergency room immediately.  Please do this.  Peace
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Are you better now?
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Goodness. I just saw this post.   Very scary.  Update, please!!!  Hope you're ok now.  Whew.  My suggestion:  Never let that happen again!  ER for sure after a day - or some kind of medical attention.


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I know i am a year late, but just saw this post!!!! omg always go to the er if no peepee!
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