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If you are having bladder pain -- read this!

For women!!! I had bladder pain for almost 20 years. Because of former bladder and kidney problems (as a child), I was told my bladder pain was due to everything from surgical adhesions to IC. Sex was terribly painful and I suffered for years -- even while going to every specialist available. I kept telling doctors that the only time I was pain-free was during pregnancy, so they chalked that up to hormonal changes -- again still saying that was associated with everything but the real reason. The real reason turned out to be that I have an extreme allergy to Nonoxynol-9. Even the smallest amount on condoms or the gels, or whatever it is on. Exposure once would put me in pain for days and days. I just could not even think to relate the two b/c my exposure was so limited and my pain was so intense and lasted so long. But since I have stopped being exposed, I have had no pain whatsoever. Please ladies, if you are having bladder pain, please check if you are being exposed to Nonoxynol-9!
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