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Is this a symptom of a UTI?

Dear Doctor,
I recently started getting a tingling sensation on my penis head then a few days later my urine was pretty dark and I drank a lot of water that day. The urine is better now.  It doesn’t burn when I urinate but there is a little discomfort after I urinate. Also I was a little constipated and when I had a bowel movement it caused some semen to drip out. It seems to be getting better. The discomfort isn’t only when I urinated but it’s off and on. There is no penal discharge.
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Usually you would have pain if it is a uti.
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Penile pain can be caused by UTI and/or STD. Dark urine can be caused by dehydration, bladder or kidney stones, hepatic/biliary disease, blood disorders, and/or certain foods or medications. See a doctor if symptoms persist.
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