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Leakin pee, and loss of apatight

Im not sure what's up with me. Firstly I can't tell when or if im hungry or when im full. I loss like all feeling in my stomach. Then I started getting uncomfortable "sensations" at the end of urinating (which have happened on an off for about a year, but its been almost constant for 4 days now). Now Im leaking either urine or liquid when im just sitting, Even after I just went to the bathroom or even hours after. Its getting harder for me to sleep, I can't fall asleep. And most of the time that I am asleep I feel rest-less. I can't lay on my stomach because I through up in my mouth and I get tummy aches. I have no idea what's going on or how to stop it. I just feel ill now. I don't know if this is a flew or a bug of some time or if I should be taking something.
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Hello there,
The common causes of pain after urination and abnormal sensations are urinary tract infection, kidney stones, cystitis, bladder infection and overactive bladder etc.Urine leakage occurs when the bladder doesn't empty completely. A urinalysis test to rule out any infection or other causes of incontinence may be done. Ultrasound for observing the kidneys, bladder, and urethra may be helpful. A clinical examination and work up is important for correct diagnosis and management. Do keep me posted.
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I had all those symptoms with a very bad UTI that I never knew I had.  I can relate to the loss of appetite.  I had to look @ the clock and force myself to eat. After this last round of antibiotics that sensation is finally gone, and I think the UTI is gone, too.

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