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My bladder hurts when empty

I've been having recurrent cystitis for the past ten months, but since May I don't experience the usual cystitis symptoms such as burning or a frequent urge to urinate or pain during intercourse. Instead, my bladder hurts after being emptied and after I lie down, it's a feeling of puncture every 10-15 seconds. The labs results showed a huge amount of leucocytes (900 000+) and red blood cells (33 000), plus a bacteria, so my doctor suggested antibiotic treatment, but the pain didn't go away after.
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Following.  I have same issue,  m 41 , all my Dr has done is gave me flow meds. Might as well use AZO bladder releif.
I have MS which affects my nerves + low back issues.  I'm at a loss.  All he has said is if the Flomax doesn't help he can add a prostate med.  Never has checked.
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eh, this sounds rough, mate.  How long has this been going on?  It's like trial and error with cystitis. I hope that these things they are trying with you work and it does not come to surgery. Keep in touch
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